Precision Machine Components

Serving Industrial & Aerospace Industries

What We Do

Precision CNC turning and milling define our core capabilities.  We have been providing precision machining services for over 50 years.  We manufacture parts used in various industries; some of our parts are on the moon, and others are in the airplane you last boarded, a few are generating power on a remote mountain in the Far East, and some are making your amusement park ride run. 

We take pride in using American ingenuity and manpower to meet your specific needs in our 22,500 square foot facility.  Production runs down to prototype level quantities are all welcome.  We understand that our customers expect and demand on time delivery and uncompromised quality.

Industries We Serve


Major airplane manufacturers require precise and specific controls for all their vendors.  The qualification process is necessarily far-reaching.  Stony MFG provides parts for this industry.


Any visit to the eye doctor probably involves using instrumentation that contains items made by Stony MFG. Precision is the basic cornerstone of this industry.


Motion control systems for amusement parks, as well as flight simulators, require precision and reliability.  Tight tolerances and exacting materials complete the packages.  Stony MFG has provided components and assemblies for these fields.


Stony MFG builds parts for basic industries that are the backbone of American Industry.  Gearbox and compressor cooling radiators run with parts made by Stony MFG.